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We teach business owners like you how to understand the marketing and reviews arm of the business.


We enable business owners like you learn how to hire effectively with our superb hiring process!


We help you setup reports so you can see how your company is doing and make the correct decisions!

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About Matteen Terrany, the Founder of Dragon Mastermind

Consultant, Entrepreneur, Philantropist.

I am a serial entrepreneur and active philanthropist with a history of supporting organ donation and the education of dyslexia. I was inspired to create the Dragon Mastermind to support business owners on their entrepreneurial journey, so they can grow their business and give back.

I started he Dragon Mastermind to help create socially responsible concepts and companies. My background in technology at Deutsche Bank during the Windows expansion in the late 1990s through the Y2K hysteria has enabled me to appreciate the amazing life and history of technology and the internet.

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